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Building a new Chihuahuan Desert Exhibit at the El Paso Zoo

Building a new Chihuahuan Desert Exhibit at the El Paso Zoo - Jordan Foster Construction September 12, 2016

As a part of the El Paso Zoo’s continuing masterplan, Jordan Foster Construction has been awarded the contract to create the new Chihuahuan Desert exhibit, which will encompass 92,000 square feet, approximately 20% of the zoo’s total area.

The scope of work on this unique project entails the demolition of existing exhibits, structures and utilities within the targeted site, and then construction of the new habitat.

The goal of the project is to create a contiguous series of related animal habitats to simulate and resemble the typical arroyo features of the Chihuahuan Desert. The project will provide an immersive experience through a series of related animal habitats to stimulate and resemble their individual ecosystems, as well as an arroyo feature and topography to provide hidden experiences that are revealed as the public explores the area.

The developed site will contain habitats for the projected animal species with holding facilities, service facilities, visitor amenities, landscaping, and other required improvements for a complete and serviceable exhibit area. The new exhibit will serve as the home for Mexican gray wolves, mountain lions, jaguars, and other large and small mixed species.

The Project Team includes Project Manager Matt Pagliasotti and Administrative Assistant Kim Candee. Preconstruction work has begun on the project and will continue until October 2017, when construction gets underway. Completion is projected for October 2018.

Congratulations to everyone involved in securing this unique, community-focused project!