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CF Jordan Construction Wins “Top Place to Work” in San Antonio

CF Jordan Construction Wins “Top Place to Work” in San Antonio - Jordan Foster Construction October 20, 2010

SAN ANTONIO- October 20, 2010 – CF Jordan Construction, a leading Texas based commercial construction and construction management company, has been named the “9th Top Place to Work” by the San Antonio Express-News.

San Antonio Express-News released surveys to find the companies that are considered a top place to work in the San Antonio area. Employees of nominated companies were given the survey and were asked questions such as “how do they like where they work” and were asked to agree or disagree with 21 questions about management, work environment and other pertinent topics. The employees had to be located in the San Antonio area to be eligible to participate. San Antonio Express-News also used a control question to determine overall rank in each category.

President and CEO of CF Jordan Construction, Darren Woody stated, “We are thrilled to receive this honor. Everyone works hard every day to create a positive working environment and to earn our employees’ trust and dedication. Our work ethic and philosophy is the same throughout Texas.”

This was the second year San Antonio Express-News published the Top Places to Work lists and the first year that CF Jordan’s employees participated. One hundred and one companies were surveyed with a total of 32,228 employees asked to complete the survey and 21,379 employees responding. CF Jordan’s workplace strengths from employee perspective measured high in direction and execution and CF Jordan ranked 9th place out of 52 companies in their same employee number category.