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Infrastructure Awarded Major Highway Repair Project

Infrastructure Awarded Major Highway Repair Project - Jordan Foster Construction September 22, 2017

The SH 130 Pavement Reconstruction Project covers the stretch of highway between SH 45 and Interstate Highway 10. The scope of work includes the reconstruction of 38 different sections along a 40-mile stretch of SH 130, encompassing 30,900 linear feet of full-depth roadway reconstruction. The client on this project is the SH 130 Concession Co.

Previous repairs on the roadway done in 2012 did not take, so extensive borings along the roadway were done last year to determine the cause. It was discovered that deep-seated expansive clays were causing the swelling and cracking, and crystal-forming chemicals in the soil, such as sulfur and lime, were causing bumps in parts of the roadway.

Under the repair and reconstruction plan approved by the Texas Department of Transportation, five to eight feet of underlying soils in the most severely impacted areas will be removed, and replaced with moisture treated subgrade that will act as a cushion and will keep the pavement from heaving before repaving the road. In areas that have been less impacted, but are still at risk for future problems, moisture membranes will be installed along the edge of the pavement to move moisture away from the roadway.

The start date of the project is October 16th, with a targeted completion date of October 15, 2018.

Bobby Boykin will serve as the Principal-in-Charge Project Manager; Ricky Sanchez will serve as the North Segment Superintendent; Camron VanDyke will serve as the South Segment Superintendent; Clint Lancaster will serve as the South Segment Project Manager; JC Kindel will serve as the North Segment Project Manager; Jorge Acuna will serve as the Project Safety Officer; Cory Sharp will be the Administrative Assistant; and Dale Stein, P.E., through his firm, Terracon Consultants, will serve as the Quality Control Manager.

Along with Terracon Consultants serving as the Quality Control firm, Lone Star Paving will handle the HMAC paving.

The project will be managed out of the San Antonio Infra office, and the primary field office and lab facility will be located in the Lockhart, Texas corridor near SH 142 and SH 130.

The in-depth, detailed, and comprehensive 142-page proposal was prepared and submitted by Clint Henson, Operations Manager of the San Antonio Infrastructure office, working with John Goodrich, Joseph Ureno, Matt Gold, Cory Sharp, Kammy Villalobos, Mary Guerrero, Environmental Health & Safety Director Renee Ramthun and her staff, along with additional Jordan Foster team members, and Leading Edge Business Solutions. Key Infrastructure projects that were submitted as a part of the proposal include Mopac Undercrossings, Howard Lane II Roadway Extension, TXDOT Reconstruction of FM 76, and SH 71 Safety Improvements.

Congratulations to everyone whose hard work contributed to securing this significant project!