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More Kids = Need for More Schools in Horizon City, TX

More Kids = Need for More Schools in Horizon City, TX - Jordan Foster Construction January 19, 2017

Horizon City in El Paso County experienced a huge population boom from 2000 to 2010, more than tripling in size from 5,233 residents to 16,735. In 2014, the population registered at 19,332, and today, it’s more than four times larger than it was in 2000.

With that growth, comes more school-age kids, and the need for more schools. To accommodate this growing school-age population, Clint Independent School District recently awarded Jordan Foster Construction a contract to expand Horizon High School.

The scope of work on this contract includes an addition to an existing building, the construction of three new buildings, and extensive site work.

The building addition will include a new kitchen, cafeteria, stage, classrooms, science labs, and renovations to the existing structure.

The three new buildings will be a Career & Technology (trades) building, a training building, and a tennis courts restroom building. Six new tennis courts, six new basketball courts, and a handball court will also be built.

The extensive site work portion of the contract, which was subcontracted to Jordan Foster Infrastructure & Concrete, covers more than 100 acres, and includes site demolition with concrete, fencing and rock wall removal, grading, earthwork, base course, installation of site concrete, and HMAC. New rock walls, fencing, rock rip rap, and striping will be added.

On the Commercial side, Rick Clark will be serving as Project Manager, Miguel Orozco as Assistant Project Manager, Eddie Sanchez as Superintendent, and Ray Carrasco as Assistant Superintendent.

For the Infrastructure work, Fernie Villalva will serve as the Project Manager, Mickey Dickson as Superintendent, and Mary Guerrero and Kammy Villalobos as Administrative Assistants.

Work is underway and the targeted completion date is June 30, 2018.

Congratulations to everyone in El Paso on winning this significant project!