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Southwest University Park Wins AISC IDEAS2 Merit Award

Southwest University Park Wins AISC IDEAS2 Merit Award - Jordan Foster Construction August 9, 2017

Southwest University Park’s win puts it in rarified air, as only 13 structural steel building projects were honored in 2017 with this national recognition.

The 13 IDEAS2 winners were chosen from nearly 100 submissions received from architectural, engineering and construction firms throughout the U.S. Each project was judged on its use of structural steel from both an architectural and structural engineering perspective, with an emphasis on creative solutions to the project's program requirements, innovative design approaches, aesthetic and visual impact of the project, innovative use of architecturally exposed structural steel, technical and/or architectural advances in the use of the steel, and the use of innovative design and construction methods.

Jordan Foster’s engineering firm partner, Walter P. Moore, entered Southwest University Park in the 2017 IDEAS2 competition.

Congratulations to the hard-working, accomplished, and proficient Southwest University Park Project Teams from Commercial, Infrastructure and Concrete that built and supported the construction of this great new ballpark!