JOB TITLE:              Shop Manager


REPORTS TO:        President of Infrastructure



Accountable for equipment life cycle, from selection and procurement to disposal. Responsible for safe Shop operations. Oversees schedules and the prioritization of equipment assignment, repair, and maintenance. Supervises Shop/Assistant. Shop Manager, Foreman, Drivers, and multiple mechanics. Establishes productivity goals and reports progress of work. Ensures shop operation yields an internal cost neutral effect on the company. 



  • Models and reinforces safety as a top priority of the organization

  • Supervises shop personnel, conducting performance reviews, and implementing corrective actions

  • Oversees maintenance and repair of equipment, both in the shop and at project sites

  • Ensures that all equipment is completely inspected at least once a year and is calibrated based on the manufacturer’s recommendations or government standard

  • Reviews employee training to ensure a skilled mechanic workforce

  • Ensures the shop is properly maintained, functional and clean

  • Ensures preventative maintenance is scheduled on equipment

  • Ensures service is scheduled on equipment for warranty compliance

  • Supports on the job projects including identifying all sources of equipment maintenance, fueling, repair and spare parts

  • Establishes productivity expectations and tracks the production and activity of the mechanic workforce

  • Supervises the inbound and outbound inspection process

  • Ensures the ready status of idle equipment

  • Participates in the equipment evaluation process to determine buy/sell needs. Also, purchases and sells new and used equipment as directed by Management

  • Accountable for the development and maintenance of files on all equipment for historical data

  • Maintains a positive working relationship with other divisions of the company

  • Effectively trains, coaches, disciplines and develops employees to achieve and maintain positive working relationships within the maintenance shop.

  • Achieves desired results through effective leadership and appropriate influence while adhering to established policies and

  • procedures

  •  Budgets and works closely with finance to prepare and execute capital expenditure plans

  • Reviews, verifies and approves maintenance mechanics time sheets on a daily basis

  • Authorizes over time, or off-hour work assigned to mechanics

  • Maintains current contact information for persons under his direction

  • Determines methods and course of action to achieve departmental and organizational goals through effective planning and efficient performance of the department

  • Strives for innovation within the department

  • Meets schedules and deadlines, adheres to policies and procedures and maintains a good attendance/tardiness record

  • Exercises good interpersonal skills by gladly assisting others to accomplish work of the organization, even if it is outside the scope of regular duties

  •  Performs other duties as assigned by the Division President



  • Bachelor’s degree in related field or equivalent field experience in the life cycle management of construction equipment

  • 4.2. Minimum of five (5) years in the life cycle management of construction equipment

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