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Armed Forces Reserve Center & Organizational Maintenance Shop
Kingsville, TX | Federal
Armed Forces Reserve Center & Organizational Maintenance Shop - Jordan Foster Construction
United States of America Army Corps of Engineers, Corpus Christi Office
Mason & Hangar Group
Project Size:
50,000 sq. ft.; 17 acre site
Our Role:

This facility, to be used by 150 members of the United States Army Reserve, is located within the limits of the Kingsville Naval Air Station. The new facility consists of two main buildings – the Training Building (41,000 square feet) and the Organizational Maintenance Shop (9,000 square feet). Both single-story buildings have a structural steel frame, with plant-cast architectural precast concrete panels used for the exterior walls and standing seam metal roof. The project also includes an 800-square-foot wash rack, which is a single story pre-engineered metal building.

Support facilities include military vehicle parking, access roads, POV parking, security fencing, site lighting and sidewalks. Extension of gas, electric, sanitary sewer, potable water and communication utilities from the existing services were required. Physical security measures were incorporated, including maximum feasible standoff distance from roads, parking areas, and vehicle unloading areas. Berms, landscaping and bollards were utilized to prevent access when standoff distance cannot be maintained.