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Centre Building
El Paso, TX | Commercial
Centre Building - Jordan Foster Construction
Mills Plaza Properties, LP
PSRSBB Industrial Group, Inc.
Project Size:
106,973 sq. ft.; 6 stories
Our Role:

Jordan Foster Construction's Centre Building is a mixed use six-story office and retail property which has recently undergone major upgrades including the addition of a state of the art mechanical/HVAC system throughout, elevator system upgrade and a number of aesthetic upgrades including complete renovation of all existing restrooms, including new ADA accessible restrooms, complete new corridors on all floors and revised 1st floor flooring and lighting. All work was done while fully occupied. The Centre Building is unique to downtown El Paso in that the building is designed as an atrium with large skylights allowing for natural lighting in the lobby. The Centre Building is a combination of two individual properties which consist of the Hotel McCoy and White House Department Store, this melding of properties gives the building a very unique feel.