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CUDD Energy Services
Midland, TX | Commercial
CUDD Energy Services - Jordan Foster Construction
Farias Development, Ltd.
Rehler Vaughn & Koone, Inc.
Project Size:
58,000 sq. ft.
Our Role:
Construction Manager-at-Risk

Located in Midland, Texas, Jordan Foster Construction's CUDD Energy Services project is part of “The Vineyard,” a planned community with retail, multifamily, and residential development. The two-story building features 58,000 square feet of office space, tilt wall and structural steel construction, Carmel Limestone veneer elements and standing seam awnings to match the adjacent corporate headquarters building. The lobby atrium features wood paneling, limestone accents, decorative steel railings, travertine flooring, and frameless glass doors. Site amenities include courtyards, with ornamental steel trellises, extensive landscaping, hardscape components, and covered parking, with inboard columns, cantilevered beams, Avadek canopy, and integral colored concrete paving.