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El Paso International Airport Runway 8R-26L
El Paso, TX | Infrastructure
El Paso International Airport Runway 8R-26L - Jordan Foster Construction
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.
Our Role:
Transportation, CMAA North Texas Chapter - 2017

Runway 8R-26L at El Paso International Airport was reconstructed to the latest FAA requirements. Construction at the airport included completion of demolition, earthwork, 85,000 tons of asphalt, striping, grooving and new lighting.  

Jordan Foster Infrastructure was required to provide independent quality control to insure FAA compliance. All HMAC was tested for PWL and the final riding surfaces were profile tested to insure it was passed required spec. All tests were passed, full payment was made and no corrective action was required.

The required project documentation consisted of daily reporting, material testing, QC/QA reporting weekly SureTrak scheduling, monthly pay requests monitoring and submittals.

The Federal Aviation Administration presented the El Paso International Airport with its “Safety Project of the Year.”