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San Antonio Zoological Society - Africa Live! Exhibit Phase I & II
San Antonio, TX | Commercial
San Antonio Zoological Society - Africa Live! Exhibit Phase 1 & 2 - Jordan Foster Construction
San Antonio Zoological Society
Jones and Jones Architects
Project Size:
25,000 sq. ft.; 3 acres
Our Role:
Construction Manager-at-Risk

The Africa Live! Exhibit - Phase I is a Hippopotamus and Crocodile exhibit visible through underwater viewing areas and from above as a lagoon. Its design mimics a tour through an African river bed, starting with surface habitats with plant life exclusive to a crocodile's environment, and showcases the larger hippos as the grand finale. The “river banks” include simulated bone and fossil fragments, all of which were hand crafted. The goal to transport Zoo visitors into a majestic safari was achieved with extensive attention to detail and creating for the animals their own natural habitats.
The Africa Exhibit - Phase II consists of expansive displays and holding areas for various breeds of animals such as Okapi, Mongoose, African Hunting Dogs and numerous types of lizards. Another unique feature of this project is an African Aviary with a rocky passage that opens into a streamside loop. Slightly towering above all of this is a scenic grouping of over-scaled termite mounds, statues and tunnels that form a cave for viewing.