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San Antonio Zootennial Plaza & Restaurant Community Building
San Antonio, TX | Commercial
San Antonio Zootennial Plaza & Restaurant Community Building - Jordan Foster Construction
San Antonio Zoological Society
Rialto Studios, Inc.
Project Size:
11,380 sq. ft.
Our Role:
Construction Manager-at-Risk

The San Antonio Zootennial Plaza and Restaurant project features innovative site construction, which creates seamlessly integrated family gathering areas, new viewing sites, a custom-designed Carousel featuring replicas of actual zoo animals, and an upscale restaurant that serves Zoo visitors in an architecturally harmonious environment. Working in a one-hundred-year-old environment, care and caution was taken at every turn to preserve and protect the huge, old-growth trees that populate the Zoo and provide the habitat for dozens of varieties of birds. Historical exhibits that date back to the founding of the Zoo in 1914 were incorporated into the new Plaza.

To provide power for the new Carousel and the Zoo Restaurant, a photovoltaic array was installed on the roof of the restaurant, and a display that shows the amount of power that's being produced is showcased on a video monitor within the Restaurant. Other construction elements include walkways, ramps, stairs, a bridge, shade structures, lighting, and unique landscaping and irrigation.