Thank you for your interest in working with Jordan Foster Construction. We have opportunities in all of the markets that we serve.

As our performance is closely tied to our subcontracting partners, we truly value the long-standing business relationships we have developed with our subcontractors.

To expand our network and continue working with quality subcontractors on future projects, we have implemented a subcontractor prequalification process. This process ensures that we have assembled a network of highly qualified subcontractors to participate in our projects. We know that you, like Jordan Foster Construction, would prefer to compete and work alongside other subcontractors who are financially strong and qualified to perform.

To assist us with the confidential collection and analysis of subcontractor qualifying information, we have retained SureTec Information Systems, Inc. (SISCO), the newest member of SureTec’s team of management, financial, and legal professionals.

If you are interested, please download our Subcontractor Prequalification Form. Please fill it out, attach the required information, and send it to me. Rest assured, the information you furnish will not be shared with third parties. If you desire further evidence of confidentiality, you may request a written agreement to that effect from us.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call at (915) 877-3333 or email us. We appreciate your assistance and look forward to establishing a long-standing work relationship with you.